About us

We are a non-profit foundation, created by a group of proffesionals united with the purpose of improving the health of women and future generations through research and development of maternal-fetal and neonatal medicine.

Our main objective is to prevent and treat diseases related to pregnancy, fetuses and newborns through clinical research, training, education, information and solidarity.

To achieve this, we rely upon committed national and international experts and researchers in the field of maternal-fetal and neonatal medicine and the support of the industry, pregnant women and society in general.

“Women’s health: the aim of iMaterna”

To develop, train, coordinate and finance multidisciplinary groups of researchers, from both public and private spheres, united in the objective of carrying out scientific research projects in maternal-fetal and neonatal medicine.

To share the results of the investigations carried out

To train and support pregnant women and society in general on maternal-fetal and neonatal medicine, and to raise awareness about the need for their collaboration in clinical research.

To collaborate with solidarity projects aligned with our foundational purposes in low-income countries

“Commitment and constant support to research”

  • Commitment:
    Our strong vocation for service leads us to work and collaborate together, making available to others the knowledge and experience of our profession.
  • Rigor:
    Our team of internationally recognized medical professionals and researchers ensures the compliance, excellence and scientific rigor necessary to carry out pioneering research projects in maternal-fetal and neonatal medicine.
  • Cooperation:
    We actively support and promote the transfer of knowledge obtained in research to put it at the service of professionals and non-professionals of health, and society in general.
  • Solidarity:
    We participate in solidarity projects for the development of women’s health in Spain and worldwide.

“Commitment, rigor, cooperation, solidarity”

“To be a Foundation of reference and with a great impact on the health of women and future generations.”

A foundation of all for all


Fetal life is one of the most important stages of human development and any damaging condition occurring at this point will affect the future life of that baby. Therefore, pregnancy is a particularly sensitive time for both the mother and the fetus, since there are many complications such as preeclampsia, prematurity, diabetes, certain fetal malformations or intrauterine growth disorders, which can alter fetal development and, sometimes, even put the mother at serious risk.

Until the end of the 20th century we had very little access to the intrauterine world, but enormous progress has been made in the past decades  resulting from research and technological development.

Clinical research is an extremely complex process that depends upon the  cooperation and coordination of multiple people from very different disciplines from public and private centers; it goes from pregnant women who collaborate to clinicians, companies, laboratories, and the multiple statistical and computer processes entailed. Economic and organizational aid is scarce, and most researchers are self-financed, thus leaving many projects unfinished due to the lack of time, financial resources or collaboration between different centers.

Only with the cooperation and effort of everyone involved will we be able to understand, prevent and treat the diseases that govern our future.

Collaboration and solidarity are our strengths

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